Using Mindfulness And Mindset To Stay Well Through Anything

All of us have faced challenging times at some point in our lives, but for most of us, 2020 has been one for the books!

Life as we know it has changed. And it has changed in unpredictable ways the likes of which we have never seen before.

We are all trying to navigate our way through uncertainty, disruption, and disappointment, if not grief and loss. While everyone copes differently, there are ways in which we can find comfort and wellness even in hard times.

Today, I’m sharing my top ways to use mindfulness and mindset to stay well during the often-uncomfortable challenges of lockdown.

Using Mindfulness And Mindset To Stay Well Through Anything

Adjust Your Focus

One of the hardest things to adjust to is the lack of control. Your plans for 2020 are likely up in smoke, and there are so many things going on “out there” that we can’t predict or influence.

It’s easy to feel helpless.

Moving your focus can help you feel more empowered and hopeful. Instead of focusing on all the things you can’t control right now, focus on the things you can control, such as your home space, your routine, your habits, and most importantly, your attitude.

Switch Your Mindset

Having a positive – or growth – mindset isn’t about being a perky Pollyanna 24/7. We all have times when we feel overwhelmed, anxious, and down, and that’s okay. But it’s important not to get dragged down by negative thoughts and emotions.

Someone with a growth mindset acknowledges that things aren’t as they would like right now, but knows they have (or can develop) the skills to cope. Growth mindsets look for opportunities to thrive and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Tips For Wellness During Lockdown (And Beyond)

Stick To A Routine

For many people, routine has gone right out the window, particularly if we now work from home. It can be tempting to spend days in your PJs binging Netflix. While this might feel nice and novel for a day or two, it's likely to make you feel worse over time.
Try setting yourself a regular schedule for waking up, eating brekky, working, doing your household chores, taking a lunch break, and having a “normal” day. This simple act will make you feel more in control and prevent you from wallowing too much!

Don’t Neglect Basic Self-Care

When you feel low, it's a struggle to do even simple things. But trust me, if you make an effort to do a few self-care tasks, you will experience a positive mindset shift. It can be as simple as making your bed, having a shower, getting dressed, eating well, and moving your body every day.

Focus On What You Can Do

So maybe you can’t travel, work, or celebrate your birthday the way you want to, but there are plenty of things you can do! Is there a hobby you never had time for or a skill you have always wanted to learn? Now is the time to do it!
Not sure what you want to do? Try journaling or creating a vision board of all the things you once dreamed of doing. You might be surprised at what pops up that makes you feel excited about the future again!

Consume In Moderation

It's essential to stay informed about what's going in the world, but don't get so caught up in scrolling through the news that you are constantly stressed. Limit how much time you spend online, and give your mind downtime to simply be. Read a book, meditate, stretch, go for a walk, or chase the dog around the back yard.


Everyone reacts to isolation differently. Perhaps you are stuck at home with people 24/7 when you are used to lots of alone time. Or maybe you’re an extremely social person missing out on company. 

Either way, connection is essential. Those craving interaction with others should make an effort to reach out via video or phone. Alternatively, if you are suffering from too much interaction, take time to connect with yourself in whatever way is most fulfilling. Even if it’s by popping on a podcast and heading out to walk around the back yard or the block.

While things are feeling tough right now, this too is a season that will pass. Use mindfulness to stay present in the moment and to look forward to a time when this is all over.

If it is all feeling a bit much right now and you aren’t sure how you can fit Me-Time into a disruptive and crowded schedule, then jump on a free 20minute call with me. Together, we can put some strategies in place so that you get the chance to recharge your batteries, regardless of the current situation. 

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